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For over 15 years, we have been leaders in clinical cancer research in Chile, contributing in this way to the tireless search for a definitive cure for cancer.

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At Bradford Hill, we are recognized as specialists in immunotherapy treatments against cancer, a disease that is currently the leading cause of death in Chile.  Our work contributes to the tireless search of the global scientific community to find new therapeutic answers and the definitive cure for this disease.

We also have many investigations into new drugs with a focus on immunotherapy, addressing clinical trials in various types of cancer.

The clinical trials we conduct in our Center are subject to the highest international standards that guarantee rigorous scientific methods, respect for professional ethics, and patient safety.

We know that cancer affects patients throughout the country, which is why we have opened a new center in Antofagasta, Bradford Hill North. This new oncology research center now attends the entire northern macrozone of the country.

Both centers stand out thanks to their modern infrastructure and state-of-the-art equipment, which provide high-quality, best-standard care for all our patients.

Bradford Hill

Was an English epidemiologist and statistician who pioneered randomized clinical trials. Alongside Richard Doll, he is considered “the man who saved a million lives” by demonstrating the causal relationship between smoking and lung cancer. Today, his name is attached to the criterion that allows determining a cause-effect association in the analysis of diseases.

His most noteworthy study established the incidence of smoking in the appearance of lung cancer, analyzing the cases of thousands of patients with the disease and their smoking habits. For this, he was awarded the Guy Gold Medal by the Royal Statistical Society in 1953, and eight years later, knighted by the Queen of England.

To this day, he is considered one of the most prominent medical statisticians in the world, and his perseverance in his cancer studies inspires us all at our research center.

Our Team of Professionals

Dr. Mauricio Burotto
Medical director
Dr. Carlos Rojas
Executive Director
Dr. Jaime González
Medical Supervisor
Dr. Carlos Gallardo
Site Medical Lead
Dr. Gonzalo Pizarro
Dr. Sergio Portiño


Dr. Michel Contreras
Medical Quality Coordinator
Dr. Alejandro Valdés
Dr. Ana Barría
Dr. Anna Kuller
Dr. Danica Spaggiari
Dr. Elizabeth Milla
Dr. Geraldine Melgoza
Dr. Jared Oyarzún
Dr. Patricia Araneda
Dr. Renato Muñoz
Dr. Rossana Reina
Dr. Silvia Catalán
Dr. Strella de la Hayes